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WGVU Innovation Challenge returns for the 2022-23 school year with a new spin:


WGVU is celebrating 50 Years, and in honor of this special anniversary, we are trying something new.

WGVU will be spending the year immersed in a school community where we will be running our Cool Teacher and Innovation Challenge programs, along with more deeply engaging with and supporting students, educators, and the school community in alignment with their school goals and needs. 

WGVU is thrilled to announce that

Harrison Park Academy in Grand Rapids 

has been selected as this year's WGVU Cool School!

Innovation Challenge

Writing Project Information

Writing is an essential skill - it improves communication, challenges us to learn, and boosts creativity. Create a Writing Project that entertains, informs, and makes us wonder about what is possible.

Innovation Challenge

STE(A)M Project Information

Create something useful that makes a difference in the lives of others! Using the Design Thinking Process, explore your interests and discover your passions as you design a STE(A)M Project.