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Public Broadcast Society

The Public Broadcasting Society— where passion meets philanthropy. Public Broadcasting Society members have the distinction of being WGVU’s most generous annual contributors, leading the way in helping sustain WGVU as a public media resource available free to all.

Community Sustainability

The WGVU Public Broadcasting Society sustains WGVU as a public media resource for our community by their generous and loyal support. This dedicated group of WGVU Donors ensures that our important services continue to grow in excellence and impact each year.

As you consider your contributions to our community, we hope that you will reflect on how WGVU has enriched your lives. We are committed to our mission to educate, inform & entertain through our Television, Radio, online and WGVUEngage (hyerlink to activities.

Giving levels

As a member of the Public Broadcasting Society, you are among a diverse group of philanthropic individuals and families committed to sustaining WGVU’s ability to reach beyond the status quo — on television, on radio, and on the Web. WGVU offers Public Broadcasting Society members exceptional benefits and unique access to the programs and talent your generosity supports. All giving levels can be given with a sustaining monthly membership as well.

BROADCASTER - $1,000 to $2,499 OR $85 to $207/ month

  • Invitations to WGVU premiere celebrations and kids' events with PBS Characters
  • 2 Tickets to at least two live entertainment performances in West Michigan*
  • WGVU Lending Library borrowing privileges for latest PBS DVD's
  • Subscriptions to WGVU publications and other communications

DIRECTOR - $2,500 to $4,999 OR $208 to $417 /month

  • All of the benefits of the Broadcaster level plus a guided WGVU tour by the General Manager or Senior staff for up to 10 of your guests

PRODUCER- $5,000 to $9,999

  • All of the benefits of the above two levels plus behind the scenes experiences with PBS/NPR/WGVU luminaries

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER- $10,000 to $14,999

  • All of the above, plus an evening with those involved in latest WGVU productions
  • On-air credit for sponsoring a week of WGVU radio

GENERAL MANAGER'S CIRCLE -$15,000 to $24,999

  • All of the above, plus on-air credit for sponsoring a week of WGVU television

VISIONARY- $25,000 to $49,999

  • All of the above, plus opportunity to share your ideas in project planning sessions with WGVU Executive Staff for future projects to benefit the community
  • Your name listed for one year on the credits of WGVU's locally produced Newsmakers and West Michigan Week

RADIO STUDIO SPONSOR - $50,000 to $100,000

  • All of the above, plus 8 support mentions per day on WGVU Radio for one year


  • All of the above, plus 8 support mentions per day on WGVU Television for one year

* Tickets are for WGVU sponsored performances, and available in limited quantities for each event.

Voices of the Public Broadcasting Society

Eddie Tadlock #iamwgvu

“I support WGVU because they provide unbiased and complete coverage of current issues in the news.” - Joel, Muskegon

“I enjoy all that you do.” – Kathryn, Grand Rapids

“Just good programming.”- Lawrence, Whitehall

“ The quality of WGVU programming requires our financial backing. We appreciate the lack of commercials.” - Celia, Vandalia