WGVU Volunteer Opportunities

There are many ways to contribute to WGVU, your local PBS and NPR station, and donating your time is one of the most valuable.

As we continue to expand our many community events throughout West Michigan, and as we strive to raise the necessary funds to pay for our programs and outreach, we welcome members from the community and avid WGVU listeners/viewers to become part of our mission: to educate, inform and entertain.

Volunteering with WGVU is fun and offers you the chance to see how the radio and television stations operate from the inside. There are also plenty of opportunities to meet new and diverse people, with a common interest - supporting quality programs and events at WGVU!
  • You receive a WGVU logo items as a reminder of your visit and as a thank you for your participation
  • You may wear logo items of your group/organization while on air
  • You may bring a banner or other logo item to display of your group/organization
  • You get a feeling of pride knowing that you have made a difference
  • You could get invites to events in which you do not have to volunteer to attend
  • If you are volunteering with a group or organization, a representative of your choosing will be briefly interviewed on air (if time permits)
  • You have our deepest appreciation and gratitude for your time and energy devoted to WGVU
  • You get a behind the scenes look at the operations of WGVU events
  • You meet interesting people (other volunteers, national and local celebrities)
  • You serve the entire West Michigan community (19 counties)
  • You may participate in the event to which you are volunteering
  • You become the envy of family and friends when they see or hear you on WGVU
  • You will be provided beverages, snacks and meals (if you are volunteering during meal time)
  • You will receive a photo of your volunteer experience for your newsletter, bulletin board or web site