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Success Basics
WGVU strives to provide high-quality, multi-faceted educational content accessible to all children, families, parents, and educators. Social and emotional learning is at the core of all PBS resources and programs for children, while teaching skills such as communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. Additionally, academic skills and concepts are introduced and practiced across a variety of subject areas through innovative formats, great stories, and characters that are complex, but relatable. WGVU and PBS content instills a love of learning in children, with the goal of creating life-long learners.

WGVU Public Media is proud to support the Kent County Success Basics, the Great Start Collaborative of Kent County, and the Nurturing Parent Power Workgroup, in alignment with community early child outcomes for children, birth to age eight, to ensure:
  • babies are born healthy,
  • children are healthy, thriving, and developmentally on track,
  • children are developmentally ready to succeed when they start school, and
  • children are prepared to succeed in fourth grade and beyond by reading proficiently by the end of third grade.

WGVU has put together a collection of PBS resources in alignment with the Kent County Success Basics to support families, educators, and the community in meeting early childhood outcomes.

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Child dressed as super hero
Love Maximize Love Manage Stress
Play Explore Through Movement and play
Talk Sing and Point
Read and Discuss Stories
Count Group and Compare