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Lessons on the Fly: High School

New Lessons Will Be Added Regularly.


West and Southwest Michigan Teachers: we would love to share your Lesson on the Fly

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Core Subjects

Budgeting Game

9-10 Math

Choosing Earth's Climate Future

11-12 Science

Communicating at Work

11-12 ELA

The Economic Impact of a Changing Middle Class

11-12 Math

Latino Americans Share Their Experiences

9-10 Social Studies

Observation of Climate Change

9-10 Science

Understanding Implicit Bias

11-12 ELA

Which Emperor Are You?

11-12 Social Studies

MAPEH Subjects

Country Music in U.S. Society: Interactive Timeline

11-12 Music

Exploring Pigments in Flowers

9-10 Art

Inside Opioid Addiction

9-10 PE/Health

Interpreting Civil War Photography

11-12 Art

Is Football Safe for Kids?

11-12 PE/Health

Tension in Country Music: Analyzing Lyrics

9-10 Music

Elective Subjects

Diversity in Latino Culture

9-10 Spanish

Relationship Building & Classroom Culture

Affirming One Another (4) 

Ice Breakers (8)

Check Ins (4)

Recognizing Commonalities (5)

Building Foundational Skills (5)

Setting Goals (10)

Sharing Who We Are (26)

Creating Community Norms (8)

Creating Inclusive Spaces (4)