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How to Become a Clubhouse Member!

Adult members who contribute $60 or higher to WGVU Public Media are eligible to enroll up to five children* in the WGVU Clubhouse. This annual membership is exclusively for kids up to 12 years of age.

You can enroll your children, grandchildren, kids in your class or daycare, children you baby-sit, children from your church or neighborhood – any child who would enjoy belonging to something fun.

Members of the WGVU Clubhouse receive a welcome card, a birthday card and advance notices informing them about station-sponsored activities/events for WGVU Clubhouse members.

We are constantly looking for ways to enhance the benefits and events currently enjoyed by our WGVU Clubhouse members. In order to accomplish this, we ask if you would provide us with a contact email address (preferably an adult) for each child’s home to help eliminate the cost of mailing. The money saved would be used to better serve our WGVU Clubhouse members.

Enroll your children today by Calling 800-442-2771

Value: more than $200 per member

Follow the link .

Include: first and last name of
each kid, addresses of each to receive birthday cards and other mailings,
date of date of birth and your email.