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The 49507 Project is a Black, Brown, Queer, and youth-led project rooted in collaboration to help make truly Public Art steered by the community where these pieces will live. This community art will utilize artists that are a reflection of those who have been underserved in The 49507 neighborhood.

Can Community Outreach Be Organic?

Can we use art to further activate our fellow neighbors, shift power dynamics in under-resourced areas, and more importantly, change the narrative while pushing to make The 49507 a multicultural arts district so that we can make our neighborhood a reflection of the culture that calls our community home for years to come.

The 49507 Project: More than just Murals

The 49507 Project is an artist and youth-led community celebration commissioning seven local Black and Brown artists for large-scale murals on prominent buildings in majority Black and Brown neighborhoods. The Project begins with arts programming for young people, incorporates community listening sessions and summer programming, and concludes with a youth-organized community art unveiling. This is an anti-racist project by and for POC.

Not only will these murals bring vibrancy to the area for years to come but fostering youth as future leaders of their community will have a lasting impact.

49507 Project Videos

The DiatribeGrand Rapids Area Black Businesses
The DiatribeThe 49507 Project  - South East Market
The DiatribeHenry Pena (Boost Mobile) Past, Present, and Future - The 49507 Project
The DiatribeDarel Ross (40 Acres HQ) Past, Present, and Future - The 49507 Project
The DiatribeJosh Solas - The 49507 Project
The DiatribeIsaac V Norris (IVNA) Past, Present, and Future - The 49507 Project
The DiatribeThe 49507 Project  - Public Thread
The DiatribeThe 49507 Project  - 40 Acres Consulting
The DiatribeLisa + Janay (Public Thread) Past, Present, and Future - The 49507 Project
The DiatribeTony Whgln - The 49507 Project
The DiatribeEsan Sommersell - The 49507 Project
The DiatribeJames Peacock III (GRABB) Past, Present, and Future
The DiatribeThe 49507 Project - La Casa de la Cobija
The DiatribeThe 49507 Project  - The Old Goat
The DiatribeCory Demint (The Old Goat) Past, Present, and Future - The 49507 Project
The DiatribeOctavia Thorns - The 49507 Project
The DiatribeErick Picardo - The 49507 Project
The DiatribeThe 49507 Project  - Boost Mobile
The DiatribeKhara + Alita (SEM) Past, Present, and Future
The DiatribeAngelica Velazquez Past, Present, and Future - The 49507 Project
The DiatribeKristin Zuller - The 49507 Project
The DiatribeE’lla Webber - The 49507 Project
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Artists and Locations

  1. 2355 Division Ave S.|  Artist • Erick Picardo
    Business • La Casa de la Cobija • Angelica Velazquez
  2. 1405 Buchanan Ave SW   |  Artist • Kristin Zuller
    Business • Public Thread • Lisa Knight • Janay Brower
  3. 1221 Madison Ave SE  |  Artist • Josh Solas
    Business • Boost Mobile • Henry Pena
  4. 703 Eastern Ave SW  |  Artist • E’lla Webber
    Business • 40 Acres Headquarters • Darel Ross
  5. 1220 Kalamazoo Ave SE  |  Artist • Octavia Thorns
    Business • The South East Market • Alita Kelly • Khara DeWit
  6. 2012 Eastern Ave SE  |  Artist • Esan Sommersell
    Business • Grand Rapids Area Black Businesses • Jamiel Robinson
  7. 2434 Eastern Ave SE  |  Artist • Tony Whlgn
    Business • The Old Goat • Cory DeMint