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An open letter to you, our loyal viewer


Michael Walenta

Showplace Article – January 2016

Thank you all for helping to make 2015 such a remarkable year for WGVU Public Media.  We have so much to be thankful for and you have all helped to make the year incredibly special.  As we look ahead, we are pleased to announce some exciting programming.


GREAT PERFORMANCES – Launching the 43rd season on PBS and WGVU, you will enjoy many GREAT PERFORMANCES. The Spring/Summer lineup will include such artists as Joan Baez and the Vienna Philharmonic Summer Night Concert.  To start the New Year, on January 1, 2016, you will see:  FROM VIENNA: THE NEW YEAR’S CELEBRATION 2016. This program will air at 2pm and 7:30pm on WGVU Channel 35.1 and 52.1.     


MASTERPIECE CLASSIC Downton Abbey begins airing Sunday, January 3 at 9pm on WGVU Channel 35.1 and 52.1. Together, let's plan to make the coming year a celebration of Downton Abbey as we prepare to say goodbye to the show we've all come to love. 


As part of WGVU’s new inclusion and equity project funded by a grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, a new television program, Mutually Inclusive, will make its debut on WGVU-HD Channel 35.1 and 52.1, Monday, February 15 at 11:00pm. This hour-long program will feature stories from the community and discussion with key stakeholders taking an in-depth look at issues impacting the lives of local citizens. This two-year project will also feature stories shared on WGVU Radio and the web.

Are you still finding vinyl albums around your house?  Wondering what to do with them?  WGVU Real Oldies is always on the lookout for more material.  Denis Prior, WGVU AM’s Program Director is seeking music of the 70s to add to our growing collection.  Contact Denis at, 616-331-6717 or simply drop off your vinyl at WGVU Public Media, 301 Fulton Street West.


Thank you for all you do for WGVU Public Media and thank you again for helping to make 2015 such a terrific year.


Michael T. Walenta
WGVU Public Media General Manager

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