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World Cafe

In association with the recent broadcast of The Vietnam War by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick, WGVU Public Media invites you to join us for two World Café's. On Monday, February 12 we will have a dialogue about the Media's impact on the Vietnam Era and on Thursday, February 15 we will discuss the Vietnam Veteran's perspective. Both World Café's will begin at 6:00 PM at the WGVU Public Media Studio located on the Downtown Pew Campus of Grand Valley State University.

World Cafe Guidelines
The World Café provides an inviting atmosphere where every individual is encouraged to contribute authentically and truly listen to one another.

January 25 – Race Relations during the Vietnam War Era

February 12 - The Media’s Impact on the Vietnam War . Click here to register

February 15 – The Vietnam Veterans Perspective. Click here to register

February 22 – Civil Unrest on College Campuses during the Vietnam Era

February 22 - The Vietnamese Perspective of the Vietnam Era

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