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Monday, October 20, 2014

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Girl Scout Council

Shelley Irwin
September 16, 2010 | WGVU   A new executive director for the Girl Scout Council of Michigan Shore to Shore has been named. We introduce you to Ms. Gloria Lara.

More Morning Show Segments
Children's Health with BCBS
  October 20, 2014  |  WGVU  We begin a 3 part series on the topic of Children's Health with guests in studio on behalf of Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Today we discuss childhood obesity and the Building Healthy Communities program.   
Max Brooks
  October 20, 2014  |  WGVU  Max Brooks, son of Mel Brooks, is back with his thriller work ‘The Extinction Parade.’    
Travel Talk
  October 20, 2014  |  WGVU  Travel Talk, monthly discussing topics current to the travel industry. Travel by Gagnon's Joanne Kochneff discusses how travel insurance affects a passport problem. Also, a Thank You award.    
Holland Area Arts
  October 20, 2014  |  WGVU  Every month we talk about what's happening in the arts in Holland, today Artist Roli Mancera discusses his role with the Holland Community, his Ofrenda Installation at the Council and more.   
Wine, Women and Chocolate
  October 20, 2014  |  WGVU  Don't miss the Wine, Women and Chocolate fundraiser for Women's Resource Center. We speak with the Executive Director and Committee Chair on the details.   

St. Cecilia Music Center
  October 17, 2014  |  WGVU  St. Cecilia Music Center soon opens its Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center Series in early November. We speak with one of the five performers, pianist Gloria Chien.   
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  October 17, 2014  |  WGVU  We discuss the program Jumpstart, a national early education nonprofit organization and its local ties to the Rotary Club of Grand Rapids. Guests from the Rotary join us in studio.   
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Religion 101
  October 17, 2014  |  WGVU  Religion 101, monthly speaking with those on behalf of the Kaufman Interfaith Institute. Today's topic, Interfaith in the College World.    
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Hudsonville Ice Cream
  October 17, 2014  |  WGVU  We have ice cream in studio. Hudsonville Ice Cream presents a sampling of their Limited Edition seasonal Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream flavor. Guests from this creamery join us.    
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Ark Storm
  October 17, 2014  |  WGVU  The book ‘Ark Storm’ brings together the worlds of finance, scientific innovation and terrorism in a past paced thrill ride. Author Linda Davies writes about her personal capture while sailing.   
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Heywood Banks
  October 17, 2014  |  WGVU  Welcome Award Winning comedian Heywood Banks, performing tonight at the Tip Top Deluxe Bar and Grill. We speak with Heywood about his comedic journey.    
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The Story of Cancer
  October 17, 2014  |  WGVU  Weekly TMS focuses on cancer as part of a WETA national initiative leading up to the PBS Ken Burns documentary, The Story of Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies, airing in 2015 thestoryofcancer.org W. Christian VandenBerg, M.D., chief of staff at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital and medical director of the Betty Bloomer Ford Cancer Rehabilitation Program at Mary Free Bed joins in.    
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The Terrorist's Son
  October 16, 2014  |  WGVU  We speak with author Zak Ebrahim, son of the man responsible for the planning of the bombing of the WTC in 1993, his book, ‘The Terrorist's Son.’   
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Gilda's Laughfest
  October 16, 2014  |  WGVU  Gilda's Laughfest gears up to kick off the 2015 festival, asking for signups for Community Showcases and more. We talk about things revving up for March 5-15.   
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Library Lines
  October 16, 2014  |  WGVU  Library Lines, every month speaking with those from the GRPL. Today, Librarian Julie Beukema discusses GRPL's Day of the Dead and resources to assist the Hispanic community.    
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City Beat
  October 16, 2014  |  WGVU  City Beat is all about where to go and what to do come the weekend in West Michigan. Grand Rapids Magazine's Marty Primeau is here with the details.   
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GR Ballet Nutcracker
  October 16, 2014  |  WGVU  The Grand Rapids Ballet announces ticket sales ready for the world premiere of The Nutcracker, a reinvented production by a team of world class artists. Artistic Director Patricia Barker is here.   
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Real Pirates
  October 16, 2014  |  WGVU  The pirates are in town. The Grand Rapids Public Museum opens the exhibit Real Pirates, telling the story of Whydah, the first pirate shipwreck in U.S. waters. Experts join us in studio to discuss.   
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Food, Wine and All That Jazz
  October 16, 2014  |  WGVU  Don't miss your chance to be educated on the topic of food and wine, as come the 24th of October WGVU presents the annual Food, Wine and All That Jazz. We talk about this fundraiser.   
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  October 16, 2014  |  WGVU  We speak with bestselling author James Frey about his latest book, 'Endgame' and his groundbreaking international project.   
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Sustainable Community Voices
  October 15, 2014  |  WGVU  Sustainable Community Voices, every month putting the spotlight on those in the field of sustainability. Today we talk to the new Director of MAREC, Kevin Ricco.    
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Pirate's Cove
  October 15, 2014  |  WGVU  A movie premiere happens this week. The Grand Rapids Public Museum hosts the premiere of the new film "Pirate's Cove: The Adventures of Mickey Matson." Actress Tia Carerre joins us to discuss her role in the film.   
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The Civil Discourse Initiative
  October 15, 2014  |  WGVU  Monthly, guests on behalf of the Brooks College of Interdisciplinary Studies join us. We speak with Dr. Lisa Perhamus today, the Assistant Professor of Foundations of Education. We talk about the Civil Discourse Initiative.   
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Ask Anna
  October 15, 2014  |  WGVU  New York Times Best-Selling author Dean Koontz returns to TMS to talk about his latest, ‘Ask Anna.’    
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VAI Purple Community
  October 15, 2014  |  WGVU  We speak with guests from the Van Andel Institute, today talk about Purple Community as VAI's grassroots fundraising program.   
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The Grand Rapids Marathon
  October 15, 2014  |  WGVU  The 11th annual Grand Rapids Marathon happens on Sunday. "Marathon Don" Kern, Race Director, is in the house to discuss.   
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Senior Concerns
  October 15, 2014  |  WGVU  Senior Concerns, every month speaking with guests on behalf of the Area Agency of West Michigan. Today's topic, the Caregiver Resource Network and the Family Caregiver University.   
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  October 15, 2014  |  WGVU  We talk to the owner of FranNet, businesswoman Brigette Betser, talking on her personal career and an upcoming event to attend when it comes to the interest of buying a franchise.   
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Finding Your Style
  October 14, 2014  |  WGVU  Finding Your Style, a monthly conversation with Mary Leslie and Amanda Deppe. Today, talk on the designs for fall season for the closet, the home, and outdoors.   
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Don Jose Luiz
  October 14, 2014  |  WGVU  Author and Motivational Speaker Don Jose Luiz speaks to a Grand Rapids audience this week, his message is from his book, ‘My Good Friend the Rattlesnake.’   
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Pop Scholar
  October 14, 2014  |  WGVU  We catch up with the Improv Troupe Pop Scholar. This 4 man troupe has a performance this week. Andy, Dave, Matt and Mike are in studio.   
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Naturally Speaking
  October 14, 2014  |  WGVU  Monthly guests from the DNR join us, today Senior Water Policy Adviser Tammy Newcomb discusses the topic of the silver carp, with the recent finding of DNA in the lower Kalamazoo River.   
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Opera Grand Rapids
  October 14, 2014  |  WGVU  Opera Grand Rapids will soon begin its 2014-2015 season with Carmen on October 31. We speak with Artistic Director Robert Lyall and stage director Candace Evans.   
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Local First
  October 14, 2014  |  WGVU  We have guests in studio from Local First to talk about their happenings. Today, we talk about Bazzani Associates and their recent B Corporation achievement. Also, we hear about new Local First programming.   
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Mackinac Island: Inside, Up Close and Personal
  October 14, 2014  |  WGVU  Don't miss a collaborative author signing Thursday night for Educator’s Week at the Rivertown Crossings Barnes and Noble. We speak with one of the authors, his work, ‘Mackinac Island: Inside, Up Close and Personal.’    
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Better Made
  October 14, 2014  |  WGVU  We talk about a Michigan business doing well. Mark Winkelman, President of Better Made Snack Foods, discusses his rise to success and his Detroit survival.   
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