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Friday, March 6, 2015

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The Rapid

Photo: Grand Rapids Press

Shelley Irwin
August 19, 2013 | WGVU   We put the spotlight on The Rapid and its transportation mission. Today we discuss how the Rapid is involved with ArtPrize 2013. 

More Morning Show Segments
Forging Muskegon's Future
  March 6, 2015  |  WGVU  Forging Muskegon's Future, every month speaking with guests on behalf of Muskegon's Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce. Today we’re joined by Carla Flanders, the Director for the Lakeshore Home, Garden and DIY Show and the Lakeshore Art Festival.    
Jenison High School Student Showcase
  March 6, 2015  |  WGVU  Jenison High School presents their annual Student Showcase on March 12, the proceeds benefiting Hand2Hand Ministries. Director Judy Williams and students join us.   
Girls on the Run Lunafest
  March 6, 2015  |  WGVU  Don't miss Lunafest on April 23rd, this fundraiser for the Kent County Girls on the Run, a 14th annual National Touring Film Festival featuring short films by, for and about women. We talk about the mission and the event.    
LaughFest 2015
  March 6, 2015  |  WGVU  More talk about LaughFest with Executive Director of Gilda's Club Wendy Wigger. Wendy joins us to talk about the next 9 day of laughter...for the health of it.    
The Home and Garden Show
  March 6, 2015  |  WGVU  The Home and Garden Show has kicked off on the grounds of DeVos Place. We talk about the show details with show manager Carolyn Alt and HGTV Star Dan Faires.   
Mason Street Warehouse
  March 6, 2015  |  WGVU  Mason Street Warehouse has announced their 2015 season schedule. The Executive Director of Saugatuck Center for the Arts, Kristin Armstrong, joins us with a discussion on this and more.    
Robotics Competition
  March 6, 2015  |  WGVU  A regional robotics competition has kicked-off at East Kentwood High, running through the weekend. Guests join us to talk about it.   
The Story of Cancer
  March 6, 2015  |  WGVU  Weekly TMS focuses on cancer as part of a WETA national initiative leading up to the PBS documentary, Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies, airing on WGVU March 30, 31 and April 1. This morning we talk about advanced care planning with our guest, Dr. John Fox, Associate Vice President of Medical Affairs with Priority Health.    

WGVU Explorers
  March 5, 2015  |  WGVU  WGVU Explorers are off to Italy, Britain, and We discuss with WGVU General Manager Michael Walenta.   
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LaughFest: Warm Cheese
  March 5, 2015  |  WGVU  Laughfest kicks off tonight: 10 days, 40 venues and many opportunities to laugh, including this weekend. Teresa Thome shares information about her act, Warm Cheese.   
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Moticise with Sonia Saatra
  March 5, 2015  |  WGVU  Get ready to Moticise, a motivational exercise fitness program created by a former star on Guiding Light and One Life to Live, certified Life Coach Sonia Saatra. Sonia joins us to talk about it.   
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Cooperfly Puppet Troupe
  March 5, 2015  |  WGVU  A new collaboration is happening when it comes to puppetry, music and video. Kevin Kammeraad joins us to discuss what’s happening with the Cooperfly Puppet Troupe.   
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City Beat
  March 5, 2015  |  WGVU  City Beat, where to go and what to do this weekend in West Michigan with a list from Grand Rapids Magazine.   
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Talk Sooner App
  March 5, 2015  |  WGVU  We talk about the app, “Talk Sooner,” a powerhouse of real-time facts and tips to help guide parents on everything from how to handle suspicious teen drug use to preparing to be caught off guard. Those from the Pathfinders MI join us.    
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LaughFest Fundrasing
  March 5, 2015  |  WGVU  More on Laughfest with Gilda's Club Eric Wolenberg talking to us about the fundraising needs.   
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KDL Happenings
  March 5, 2015  |  WGVU  Guests from KDL join in studio today to talk about the annual Celebrate KDL photo contest.   
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Lazaro Vega
  March 5, 2015  |  WGVU  Larazo Vega is receiving the Sheila Pantlind Award during the EGRPS Arts for Life fundraising event come the 7th of March. We speak with Mr. Vega this morning.   
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Library of Michigan
  March 4, 2015  |  WGVU  Tuned into the Library of Michigan, a monthly conversation with guests from the State Library. Today's topic, the rare book collection. Librarian Carol Fink joins us.   
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The Good News Farm
  March 4, 2015  |  WGVU  We talk about a partnership, a veganic educational high school student farm that's joining local small farm growers to staff cultivating change. The discussion centers upon The Good News Farm. Guests in studio to discuss.   
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Good News and Success
  March 4, 2015  |  WGVU  Good News and Success, monthly putting the spotlight on those in the community doing great things but perhaps not making the headlines.    
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Laughfest 2015
  March 4, 2015  |  WGVU  LaughFest kicks off officially tomorrow. Director Joanne Roehm joins us to give an overview of events, including a change of venue for the kick off.    
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Read Muskegon
  March 4, 2015  |  WGVU  March is Reading month so Read Muskegon is going big. We discuss adult illiteracy, what's being done about it and how Read Muskegon is active in the community. Executive Director Melissa Moore and Learner Aliesha Williams join us to discuss.   
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Rapid Growth
  March 4, 2015  |  WGVU  Rapid Growth Media is under new leadership. Lifestyle Editor Tommy Allen has moved into the role of Publisher. Today, Tommy and Paul Schutt, who started the publication, discuss the evolution of the online publication and city involvement.   
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Mary Free Bed: Goalball
  March 4, 2015  |  WGVU  Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation is looking for a few good players for Goalball. We talk about the MFB Wheelchair and Adaptive Sports program and Goalball with Maria Besta and Alicia Hass.   
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From Where I Sit
  March 3, 2015  |  WGVU  From Where I Sit, a monthly conversation crunching the numbers for the office furniture industry with analyst Mike Dunlap. Today we talk about healing and leisure furniture.    
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Blind Dinner Date
  March 3, 2015  |  WGVU  The Blind Cook comes to West Michigan. The Grand Rapids Lions Club hosts their Blind Dinner Date Fundraiser and Chef Christina Ha, winner of Season 3's Master Chef, who is visually impaired, serves as the keynote speaker. We speak with Christina this morning.   
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Catherine's Health Center
  March 3, 2015  |  WGVU  Catherine's Health Center has received a grant for its Heart Smart Connections Program that seeks to improve the CV health of 2000 low income Grand Rapids residents. We discuss.   
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  March 3, 2015  |  WGVU  GRDevDay is a one-day software development conference, organized by developers with other developers in mind. We talk about it with Dirk Helman and Jason Sich.   
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Commercial Real Estate Trends
  March 3, 2015  |  WGVU  Commercial Real Estate Trends, a monthly conversation with those in the business. Today's topic is the Office Real Estate Market. Guests Chip Bowling and Jason Makowski join us.   
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LaughFest: Sunday Night Funnies
  March 3, 2015  |  WGVU  LaughFest kicks off this Thursday so we begin to preview the highlights, one such is the Sunday Night Funnies. Emcee Brian B is in the house to discuss.    
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It Was Me All Along
  March 3, 2015  |  WGVU  The author of ‘It Was Me All Along,’ Andie Mitchell, joins us to share the story of her weight loss journey.    
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Touch: the Science of Hand, Heart and Mind
  March 3, 2015  |  WGVU  New York Times Bestselling author, neuroscientist Dr. David J Linden presents his book, ‘Touch: the Science of Hand, Heart and Mind.’    
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  March 2, 2015  |  WGVU  We talk about Naturopathy with Dr. Kelly Hassberger expanding her practice that also includes reflexology.    
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World Affairs Council
  March 2, 2015  |  WGVU  The World Affairs Council of Western Michigan continues it's Great Decisions Global Discussion Series. Tonight they welcome Dr. Leela Fernandes with, "Will India's New President Modi Rebrand the Country?" We speak with Dr. Fernandes this morning.   
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Kennari Consulting
  March 2, 2015  |  WGVU  We talk about rebranding with a local company changing their image, award winning Parrish Consulting is now Kennari Consulting. Principal Sandi Frost Steensma in the house to discuss.   
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Success Principles Through Connectivity
  March 2, 2015  |  WGVU  Success Principles through Connectivity, with today's topic: Accountability Avoidance. Our guests are Sandler Training's Denise Sherwood and Pinky McPherson from PMc Consulting LLC.   
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Muskegon Museum of Art
  March 2, 2015  |  WGVU  The Muskegon Museum of Art welcomes the exhibit the Art of the Brick on display now through May. Curator Nathan Sawaya shares his work. Sawaya was also the creator of this year's LEGO Oscar Statue.   
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Women's Resource Center
  March 2, 2015  |  WGVU  The Women's Resource Center presents the 26th annual Pillar Awards Luncheon on Wednesday, March 11, honoring winners for their practices that empower women in their workplace. Director Sharon Caldwell Newton is in studio for a discussion.   
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MI Blood, LaughFest Blood Drive
  March 2, 2015  |  WGVU  Laughfest begins this week and Michigan Blood is teaming up for a special deal with the giving of blood. We talk about this “serious blood drive.”   
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