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Thursday, October 2, 2014

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That Takes Ovaries

Shelley Irwin
March 18, 2013 | WGVU  GVSU's Women's Center presents the production, ‘That Takes Ovaries! Bold Women, Brazen Acts’ this weekend. Guests join us to share details.

More Morning Show Segments
Social Media for Small Business
  October 2, 2014  |  WGVU  Social Media for Small Business, every month speaking on the topic of strategies for success using Linked In, Facebook, Twitter and more. Today, how this works for the Coopersville Chamber of Commerce.   
I Want to Be An Astronaut
  October 2, 2014  |  WGVU  Filmmaker David Ruck brings his recent film, "I Want to Be An Astronaut," to WGVU. It premiered on the International Space Station. We speak with David and his upcoming presentation October 10.    
Game Day 5K
  October 2, 2014  |  WGVU  YMCA presents its first Game Day 5k, a sports themed road race accessible to all. Runners wear their favorite high school or college gear to show team pride. Guests from the YMCA are in studio.   
City Beat
  October 2, 2014  |  WGVU  City Beat, where to go and what to do come the weekend in West Michigan with GR Magazine's Marty Primeau.   
Rapid Growth Media
  October 2, 2014  |  WGVU  Writers from Rapid Growth Media join in monthly to talk about their stories. Today, the return of "Tommy and Tyler" on the latest in downtown housing.   
ArtPrize Artist Vani Satya Akula
  October 2, 2014  |  WGVU  ArtPrize Artist Vani Satya Akula talks about her art, "BLISS" at 16 Ionia in the Craft Revivial Jewelry Store.   
KDL Happenings
  October 2, 2014  |  WGVU  Monthly guests from the Kent District Library join us and today's conversation is on the Write Michigan Short Story contest. Michelle Boisvenue-Fox is our guest today.   
  October 2, 2014  |  WGVU  Part-2 of a chat on this weekend's Bridgefest, a fund raiser for the Whites Bridge. We have a member from Fauxgrass and guests from the Whites Bridge Historical Society here to discuss.   

Naturopathy with Micah McLaughlin
  October 1, 2014  |  WGVU  We talk on the topic of health with Practitioner Micah McLaughlin discussing Naturopathy, specializing in the integration of the body and mind.   
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Massage and Acupuncture with Kristin Swann
  October 1, 2014  |  WGVU  Kristin Swann joins us, talking on alternative medicine, Massage and Acupuncture. Kristin is a board certified acupuncturist.   
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Endurance Sports and Injury Prevention with Ann Vidro
  October 1, 2014  |  WGVU  More conversation when it comes to a health and wellness theme, Ann Vidro is here to talk about endurance sports and injury prevention.    
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Broadway Grand Rapids
  October 1, 2014  |  WGVU  Broadway Grand Rapids opens its season with Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Coat. Husband and wife lead actors are here in studio.    
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Great Lakes and Drinking Water
  October 1, 2014  |  WGVU  We talk on the topic of water, Tom Duisterhof and Chad Lomonaco with Gordon Water Systems discuss topics including the water of the great lakes and the water in your drinking fountain.    
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Judy Collins
  September 30, 2014  |  WGVU  Singer Judy Collins is coming to West Michigan. Collins will grace the stage on the 17th of October at the Grand Rapids Civic Theatre. We speak with Judy this morning.   
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Hon. Kathy L. Hoogstra
  September 30, 2014  |  WGVU  A grant from the State Court Administrative Office is presented to create a Juvenile Mental Health Court in Muskegon County Circuit Court. We talk to the Honorable Kathy L. Hoogstra, 14th Circuit Court in Muskegon.   
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4000 Miles
  September 30, 2014  |  WGVU  Actors Theatre presents the production “4000 Miles,” where unlikely roommates infuriate, bewilder and ultimately reach each other. We speak with actors in studio.   
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  September 30, 2014  |  WGVU  Every month we take you to CLAS, GVSU's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Today, talk on the 2014 Summer Faculty Exchange with a husband/wife team.   
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Building Tomorrow's Leaders
  September 30, 2014  |  WGVU  On October 11, a collaborative group from Historically Black Colleges and Universities Tour Experience and the Greater Grand Rapids Chapter of Jack and Jill of America, Inc. are planning a “Building Tomorrow’s Leaders” event for youth 7th grade to 12th grade. We discuss with those involved.   
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Decoding Dyslexia Michigan
  September 30, 2014  |  WGVU  October is Dyslexia Awareness Month. Guests from the organization Decoding Dyslexia share their latest news in advocacy and programming.    
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The American Heart Association
  September 30, 2014  |  WGVU  The American Heart Association has much going on locally, including Art Prize, the Heart Walk, a gala, and National Healthy Eating Day. We discuss with AHA's Cindy Bouma.   
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West Michigan Quilters Guild
  September 29, 2014  |  WGVU  We put the spotlight on the West Michigan Quilters Guild, an organization with over 400 members organized to preserve the tradition, culture and history of quilting through education and communication. Betsy Carlson and Sandy DeCarlo join us.   
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ArtPrize Artist Gretchen Lauer
  September 29, 2014  |  WGVU  ArtPrize Artist Gretchen Lauer shares her work, piano teacher by day, artist at night to create her oil painting, “Outcry.” We speak with Gretchen.   
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ArtPrize Artist and Quilter Colleen Kole
  September 29, 2014  |  WGVU  More talk on ArtPrize and the theme of quilts, artist Colleen Kole talks about her quilting entry, entered in ArtPrize a year after a quilt won in 2013.    
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The West Michigan Policy Forum
  September 29, 2014  |  WGVU  The West Michigan Policy Forum winds up today, keynote from Governor Rick Snyder. We discuss the intent and take home message with John Truscott.   
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WMQG and Spectrum Health NICU
  September 29, 2014  |  WGVU  Finalizing the theme of Quilting, guests in studio talk about the affiliation between the West Michigan Quilters Guild and the NICU at Spectrum Health Butterworth.   
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Your Biz, Your Town
  September 26, 2014  |  WGVU  Your Biz Your Town, our monthly conversation with those doing unique things in the community. We speak with leaders from Avenue for the Arts, a Start Writing Conference, and an Art Prize artist.   
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Sweetie-licious Bakery
  September 26, 2014  |  WGVU  We touch base with the CEO of Sweetie-licious Bakery, a Grand Opening is right around the corner as they expand here in West Michigan.   
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Treetops Resort
  September 26, 2014  |  WGVU  We talk on things happening up north. Treetops presents Unlimited Golf, and we have an update on Patriot Day. The General Manager of Treetops is here to speak with us.   
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Ginger Alden
  September 26, 2014  |  WGVU  She was engaged to Elvis and was with him on his last day. Ginger Alden presents her memoir, ‘Elvis and Ginger.’ Ginger joins us this morning.   
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The Entrepreneurial Insider
  September 26, 2014  |  WGVU  We continue our newest monthly segment, The Entrepreneurial Insider with guests in studio on behalf of GROW. Today, entrepreneurial bootstrapping with Mary Brown, Program Manager and special guest Feme Naigow of Apsara Spa.   
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Senior Sing Along
  September 26, 2014  |  WGVU  We talk about the organization Senior Sing Along, enriching the lives of seniors in care facilities through free concerts, music therapy and more. President Jill Dover is here with the details.   
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GVSU Students for Haiti
  September 26, 2014  |  WGVU  GVSU's Students for Haiti has a variety of unique programs, events, activities and scholarships planned for the 2014/2015 season. Guests from Students for Haiti join us this morning.   
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The Story of Cancer
  September 26, 2014  |  WGVU  Each week at this time, the Morning Show will focus on Cancer as part of a grant funded project made possible by WETA and their national sponsors, and on a local level by Mercy Health serving the cancer treatment needs of West Michigan through the Lacks Cancer Center and Johnson Family Cancer Center. In the weeks to come we will be speaking with experts in the fields of cancer research, treatment, rehabilitation and emotional support.    
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