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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

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The First Lady Sleeps

Shelley Irwin
November 7, 2012 | WGVU  Retired Muskegon Dentist Dr. John Mullally now writes and we discuss his latest book, ‘The First Lady Sleeps.’

More Morning Show Segments
After the Move
  April 20, 2015  |  WGVU  After the Move is a unique woman owned business created to aid individuals and families moving into the Grand Rapids area. Founder Candy Wilkes Scheper joins us to tell us all about it.    
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Child Abuse Prevention
  April 20, 2015  |  WGVU  April is Child Abuse Prevention Month and guests from DA Blodgett-St Johns talk about how they are helping and share news about the KidsFirst Emergency Shelter.   
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Travel Talk
  April 20, 2015  |  WGVU  Travel Talk, a monthly conversation with Agent Joanne Verboom. We talk about, "it's that season for love,” and “do you want your kids flying alone?"   
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Rachel Chong
  April 20, 2015  |  WGVU  Michigan Women's Foundation presents its annual Woman of Achievement and Courage awards luncheon with Rachel Chong, Founder and CEO of Catchafire. We speak with Rachel this morning.   
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The Arts in Holland
  April 20, 2015  |  WGVU  Monthly we put the spotlight on all things Holland. John Bracey, Executive Director for the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs joins Lorma Freestone from the Holland Area Arts Council.   
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DisArt Festival
  April 20, 2015  |  WGVU  The DisArt Festival continues, with special attention this week to the DisArt Film Festival. Filmmaker from American Horror Story, Mat Fraser, to share details.   
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Diane Rosenfeld
  April 20, 2015  |  WGVU  Diane Rosenfeld, Director of the Gender Violence Program at Harvard Law School was in West Michigan recently. Ms. Rosenfeld addressed the Center for Women in Transition annual fundraiser and joins TMS for a follow up.   
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Jewish Film Festival
  April 20, 2015  |  WGVU  The 17th annual Jewish Film Festival kicks off May 3rd at Celebration Cinema North. The festival is sponsored by the Jewish Federation of GR. We talk about it this morning.    
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River Bank Run
  April 17, 2015  |  WGVU  The Fifth Third River Bank Run will soon be off and running. Race Director Kristen Aidif joins TMS to talk about the need for runners and volunteers.   
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Geometry by Construction
  April 17, 2015  |  WGVU  Aquinas Math Professor Mike McDaniel joins us to talk about his latest geometry textbook, ‘Geometry by Construction.’ We talk about the combo of math, science and more.   
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Religion 101
  April 17, 2015  |  WGVU  Religion 101, a monthly segment with guests on behalf of the Kaufmann Interfaith Institute. Program Manager Katie Gordon talks about the activities happening within the Institute, including special guests from England.   
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Chef Matt Millar
  April 17, 2015  |  WGVU  Chef Matt Millar returns to studio to discuss his latest venture, a new restaurant project coming to Saugatuck.    
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Museum Free Day
  April 17, 2015  |  WGVU  Come the 26th of the month; visit local museums for free. Those involved, including guests from Amway and local museums, discuss this great opportunity.   
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Neal Jacobs
  April 17, 2015  |  WGVU  Singer/Song Writer Neal Jacobs returns to TMS. He is performing this Saturday night at Muskegon's The Block. Neal shares work from his latest CD.    
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Chilly Blues
  April 17, 2015  |  WGVU  Grand Haven hosts the 23rd Annual Chilly Blues this weekend with a new event this year, a Bell's Brewery Tap Takeover night. Steve Loftis joins in with the details.   
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WGVU Explorers
  April 16, 2015  |  WGVU  WGVU Explorers are in Italy right now. They’re finishing the 2nd week touring the likes of Rome and more, WGVU's GM Michael Walenta joins us to tell us all about it.    
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The University Wits
  April 16, 2015  |  WGVU  The University Wits is a small nonprofit theatre company, composed of GVSU Grads. This weekend they perform the play, ‘The Sixth Guest.’ Playwright Kyle Walker joins us with the details.   
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Libary Lines
  April 16, 2015  |  WGVU  Library Lines, every month guests from the GRPL join in with talk about their monthly happenings. Today, talk about the White Glove Event, a benefit for the Foundation.   
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City Beat
  April 16, 2015  |  WGVU  City Beat: where to go and what to do come the weekend in West Michigan, with Grand Rapids Magazine’s Marty Primeau.   
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Thankful Thursdays
  April 16, 2015  |  WGVU  Thankful Thursdays, a monthly segment showing the impact of private gifts at GVSU by highlighting the generosity of supporters. Today, we discuss a scholarship thanks to the Otts.    
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Discuss, Decide, Document
  April 16, 2015  |  WGVU  Next week, join Emmanuel Hospice and Making Choices Michigan in one of the ongoing conversation nights for a light hearted and informative event. On behalf of National Healthcare Decisions Day, we talk about this "Gift of Grace” Discuss, Decide, Document.    
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  April 16, 2015  |  WGVU  CLAS, every month putting the spotlight on GVSU's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Today, meet Dr. Carl Brown, the new Director of the Speech Lab.   
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Local Blues Matters
  April 16, 2015  |  WGVU  This weekend, Local Blues Matter! Don't miss a fundraiser, a benefit concert, with proceeds benefiting WGVU FM Blues Programming. We talk about it this morning.    
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Sustainable Community Voices
  April 15, 2015  |  WGVU  Sustainable Community Voices, monthly putting the spotlight on all things sustainable, with today's topic, a Biophysical approach to national accounting.    
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The Equest Center
  April 15, 2015  |  WGVU  The Equest Center for Therapeutic Riding celebrates 25 years with a party. We discuss the 25th Silver Anniversary Gala with the Executive Director.    
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Brooks College
  April 15, 2015  |  WGVU  Monthly guests from the Brooks College of Interdisciplinary Studies join us. Today's conversation is about the Writing Center, with special guest Patrick Johnson, Director of the Fred Meijer Center for Writing.   
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Van Andel Institute Happenings
  April 15, 2015  |  WGVU  We catch up with guests from the Van Andel Institute, today's conversation is on Parkinson's Research with Dr. Darren Moore, Associate Professor, Head of VAI's Lab of Molecular Neurodegeneration.   
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St. Cecilia Music Center
  April 15, 2015  |  WGVU  St. Cecilia Music Center concludes its Chamber Music Series with the program Passionate Expressions, Pianist Wu Han talking today about the program and the series.    
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Senior Concerns
  April 15, 2015  |  WGVU  Senior Concerns, a monthly conversation with guests joining us on behalf of the AAAWM. Today, talk on Nutrition Programs with Lisa Wideman, Senior Meals.    
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Wimage App
  April 15, 2015  |  WGVU  A unique collaboration is happening between KCAD, the Mental Health Foundation and DisArt. We learn about a Smart App created to engage and raise awareness of disability. Those in studio discuss the Wimage App.   
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