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Monday, September 1, 2014

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Hurricane Sandy Clean Up

Photo: thetimesnews.com (cropped to square)

Shelley Irwin
November 2, 2012 | WGVU  Students from Cornerstone University head to New Jersey this weekend to assist with the Hurricane Sandy clean up. Junior Devon Town talks about the plan.

More Morning Show Segments
Your Biz, Your Town
  August 29, 2014  |  WGVU  Your Biz Your Town with guests in studio to talk on their philanthropic activities.   
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  August 29, 2014  |  WGVU  Don’t drink and drive this Labor Day weekend. The Executive Director with MADD, Michigan Chapter, reminds us of the statistics, including 10,000 national deaths by drunk driving every year.   
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Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy
  August 29, 2014  |  WGVU  Author Karen Abbott returns to TMS to talk about her latest book, ‘Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy.’    
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All American Roll Models Skydive
  August 29, 2014  |  WGVU  All American Roll Models Fifth Annual Adaptive Skydiving offers tandem jumping with an experienced member of the Skydive Allegan organization. We speak with skydiver Brian Culver.   
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The GoSite Coalition
  August 29, 2014  |  WGVU  We talk about the GoSite Coalition, a collaborative endeavor created to showcase the Metro GR area via a centralized location, the GRAM. Project Director Kerri VanderHoff is here with the details.   
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Grand Rapids Hostel
  August 29, 2014  |  WGVU  The first hostel in Grand Rapids is set to open in 2015, an experience that is all about sharing space, food, knowledge and experience. We speak with the developers.   
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Fitness Coach Jean VanCouvering
  August 29, 2014  |  WGVU  We air a special feature on Fitness, TRXing and Spinning, hoping to motivate the listener to get in shape all year long. Allegro Fitness Coach Jean VanCouvering leads the session.   
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All About Women
  August 28, 2014  |  WGVU  All About Women, a monthly conversation on topics related to women's health. Today we talk about the Self Care Prescription.   
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Officer Fix, Spectrum Health
  August 28, 2014  |  WGVU  Meet Fix, the new security dog at Spectrum Health. Officer Fix and Officer Derek are in studio to talk about their new roles.   
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Nexus Academy
  August 28, 2014  |  WGVU  We talk back to school with the principal of Nexus Academy, an academy of blended learning.    
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Bruce Dancis
  August 28, 2014  |  WGVU  Author Bruce Dancis joins us to talk about his book ‘Resister: A Story of Protest and Prison During the Vietnam War.’    
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Design in West Michigan
  August 28, 2014  |  WGVU  We put the spotlight monthly on the topic of design with guests on behalf of Design West Michigan. Today, talk on AIGA, with President John O’Neill.   
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Historic Cemeteries of Grand Rapids
  August 28, 2014  |  WGVU  Local author Tom Dilley returns to TMS to talk about his latest work, ‘The Art of Memory: Historic Cemeteries of Grand Rapids, Michigan.’    
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Carol's Ferals
  August 28, 2014  |  WGVU  Carols Ferals is working on an exhibit for Art Prize. Carol and lead artistic coordinator Dorothy Kane discuss their work and their kickstarter.   
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Grand Angels
  August 28, 2014  |  WGVU  Grand Angels, a Grand Rapids based investment group recently announced its latest funding commitments to 3 Michigan companies. We discuss what this means for the companies and for the community.   
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Food Forum
  August 27, 2014  |  WGVU  Food Forum, monthly talking on the topic of Food and Wine pairing with our local expert, Roz Mayberry. Today, we talk about packing a picnic for Labor Day.    
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Labor Day Walk
  August 27, 2014  |  WGVU  Grand Rapids Mayor George Heartwell joins TMS to talk about the annual Labor Day Walk right here in West Michigan. This 5 mile walk crosses downtown bridges and more.    
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Social Security 101
  August 27, 2014  |  WGVU  Our monthly Social Security 101 with Administrator Vonda Van Til.   
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Good News and Success
  August 27, 2014  |  WGVU  Good News and Success, every month putting the spotlight on those in the community doing good things but perhaps not making the headlines.    
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Bruce Bettinghaus
  August 27, 2014  |  WGVU  We speak with guests from the Seidman College of Business each month. Today, Professor of Accounting Bruce Bettinghaus talks about his latest research on avoiding auditor bias and making better decisions.    
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Kids and Dehydration
  August 27, 2014  |  WGVU  Avoid dehydration by following preventative steps. We talk about the topic, especially when it comes to your kids. Helen DeVos Children's Hospital's Dr. Abeba Berhane gives us the details.   
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  August 26, 2014  |  WGVU  We catch you up with the happenings of Inforum with newly elected chair Patti Griswold in studio.   
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WGVU Explorers
  August 26, 2014  |  WGVU  More talk on traveling abroad to Normandy and to Italy. WGVU Public Media presents Memorials of War: Normandy and Paris, and a trip to Italy in 2015. We talk on the particulars.   
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Tourist Talk
  August 26, 2014  |  WGVU  Tourist Talk, talking where to go and what to do over the next 30 days in the state of Michigan. Promote Michigan's Dianna Stampfler is here with the details.   
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The Ebony Road Players: Live at Wealthy Concert Series
  August 26, 2014  |  WGVU  We discuss a fundraiser on the 8th of September for Ebony Road Players and WYCE, part of the Live at Wealthy Concert Series. Matt Jarrells is here to talk about it.    
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Home Buying and Selling
  August 26, 2014  |  WGVU  Experts from Sun Title join us to share the latest news on home buying and selling stats and how best to make the closing deal.   
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GRPS Happenings
  August 26, 2014  |  WGVU  Monthly we put the spotlight on the Grand Rapids Public School System. Spokesperson John Helmholdt joins us to talk about the downtown Master Plan and other expansion opportunities.   
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State Games of America
  August 26, 2014  |  WGVU  Grand Rapids is on the list to host the 2017 State Games of America and site selectors are in town. We speak with organizers.   
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