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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

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Andrew DeVries

Andrew DeVries
January 22, 2010 | WGVU  Heard on the weekly national broadcast of StoryCorps in October of 2009, WGVU now brings you more of Andrew DeVries' story. Andrew was interviewed by his friend, Karyl De Bruyn  

In the national broadcast, we heard how a hospitalist gave Andy hope when he was faced with losing a leg after a motorcycle accident. Today we hear about the accident that changed Andy's life, and more on his inspired recovery.

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Recent StoryCorps West Michigan Stories...
West Michigan Archive   Dec-03-10  
The StoryCorp mobile recording trailer was parked in Grand Rapids in September and October of 2009 recording local stories. WGVU received 26 of these interviews to broadcast as local segments for our StoryCorps West Michigan Series. Our local series ran from December of 2009 to December of 2010 here on 88.5 and 95.3 FM.
Djibril Cisse: Learning the Language   Jun-25-10  
Djibril and Oulimata Cisse are from Senegal. They spoke with their adopted mother Patricia Carlin at StoryCorps in Grand Rapids last year. Djibril came to the United States ahead of his wife: more than 10 years ago. Here he talks about how he learned to speak the language of his new country.
Diana Lampton   Jun-18-10  
Last week on StoryCorps West Michigan, we heard from retired General Motors employee Edward Spencer. Today we hear from his Daughter, Diana Lampton. Diana is also a former GM employee. She recounts for us when she was hired there in 1976.
Edward Spencer   Jun-11-10  
At age 20, in the Mid-1940’s, Edward Spencer came to West Michigan to work for General Motors. Ed had a certain position in mind from the beginning.
Lillian Kuiper With Her Daughter Mary   Jun-04-10  
Lillian Kuiper grew up on a farm in Iowa and had dreams of leaving the farm and going to college to become a school teacher. She tells her daughter Mary about the obstacles she encountered in pursuit of this dream, and the doctor who became a hero for her.
Bill VanOosterhout and Daughter Stacie   May-21-10  
Bill VanOosterhout tells his daughter Stacie about meeting then Congressman Gerald R. Ford and about photographing President Ford on election day 1976.
Melissa Vegter and Daniel Izurieta   Apr-30-10  
Melissa Vegter interviewed her fiancé Daniel Izurieta in Grand Rapids last year. Trouble has found Daniel everywhere he's been. In this segment we hear how a car accident, running away to Michigan, and deciding to stop running changed his life.
Maria Reiser and Daughter Emmy   Apr-23-10  
We hear from Maria Reiser and her 11-year-old adopted Daughter Emmy Vander Veen of Mt. Pleasant. Maria tells Emmy about when they first became mother and daughter in China.
Cara Oosterhouse and Jacquie Kaiser   Apr-16-10  
Cara Oosterhouse was interviewed by her partner Jacquie Kaiser and shares with us the tragic story of her friend Greg. Cara also talks about the unusual way she came out to her Mother by way of National Public Radio, and how she now tells her story and Greg's story to raise awareness.
Together with Jack Hoppus   Apr-09-10  
Jack Hoppus is a Grand Rapids radio legend. He was interviewed by his friend Barb Lester at the StoryCorps mobile booth last year.
Georgine Bello and Latrice Gilbreath   Apr-02-10  
Georgine Bello and Latrice Gilbreath are fellow homebuyers in Grand Rapids through Habitat for Humanity. They spoke with each other about the work put in to making home-ownership a reality. Georgine begins by sharing what finally owning a home means for her and her family.
Doni Kramer and Heather Kramer   Mar-26-10  
Doni Kramer was interviewed by her daughter, Heather. Heather asked her Mom about when she and her dad met. It was at a religious conference in Missouri, and it was love at first sight.
Dorothy Sewe   Mar-19-10  
Dorothy Sewe and her family fled tribal warfare and government oppression in Kenya nearly 10 years ago. She spoke with her friend, Patrick Shellenbarger, about her many trials and how she’s now using these experiences to help others.
Rick Hamilton and Mike Mooney   Mar-12-10  
Rick Hamilton and Mike Mooney are life-long friends. They both grew up in General Motors families and they themselves worked for GM: Rick at the 36th street Wyoming plant, and Mike on Alpine Ave. Both took early retirements and watched the two plants close and become vacant buildings. Rick and Mike remember growing up in Wyoming, a city intertwined with the success of automobile manufacturing.
Edna Messinger   Mar-05-10  
Enda Messinger was born in 1920 and grew up in the small coal-mining town of Sullivan, Indiana. She was interviewed by her daughter, Nancy.
Christopher Parm   Feb-26-10  
Chris is a young man who will not let his serious illness get him down or distract him from pursuing his dreams.
Ann and Brenda McGadney   Feb-19-10  
Brenda McGadney interviewed her mother Annie McGadney. Ann, age 80, grew up in the Deep South and endured the hardships of segregation. She moved with her family to Detroit in 1951. She tells her daughter, a Professor, about working in the automobile industry and her involvement in the Civil Rights Movement. She begins talking about a "Midnight Search" she endured as a recipient of welfare from the State of Michigan while living in Detroit.
Alaina and Cassie Spencer   Feb-12-10  
Stacey Hicks interviewed her daughters, Alaina and Cassie Spencer. 2009 was a tough year for them, as the girls’ grandmother and grandfather, Stacey’s parents, both died.
Colbert and Nathan Williams   Feb-05-10  
A young single father and his teenage son discuss their relationship
Kent and Willow Fisher   Jan-29-10  
We hear from Kent and Willow Fisher, high school sweethearts whose lives took some unexpected turns from the prom to an airport in Utah many years later
Andrew DeVries  - BYRON CENTER   Jan-22-10  
Heard on the weekly national broadcast of StoryCorps in October of 2009, WGVU now brings you more of Andrew DeVries' story. Andrew was interviewed by his friend, Karyl De Bruyn
Ashton Faucette Jr.   Jan-15-10  
Ashton Faucette Jr. is something of a soapbox racing legend. He now lives in Michigan but grew up in Durham, North Carolina where he learn to build and race soapbox derby cars. Ashton became a local champion and moved on to the national stage at the age of 13 when he competed in the All American Soapbox Derby in Akron, Ohio.
Emily and Patricia Coyle   Jan-08-10  
Emily Coyle interviewed her mother Patricia Coyle in Grand Rapids and they spoke about dealing with their genetic polycystic kidney disease and the inspiration they are to each other
José Gonzales and Sons   Jan-01-10  
José Gonzales Sr. with his two sons: Jose Angel Jr. and Juan Daniel
Jason Proctor and Marea Proctor  - GRAND RAPIDS   Dec-18-09  
Jason Proctor interviews his mother, Marea Proctor about the loss of her mother at a young age.
Sara Swift Taylor and Parents Lowell and Yvonne Swift  - LOWELL   Dec-11-09  
We go down on the farm to Lowell, MI as StoryCorps West Michigan features Sara Swift Taylor and her parents, Lowell and Yvonne Swift.
Congressman Vern Ehlers and Daughter Marla  - GRAND RAPIDS   Dec-04-09  
We begin our StoryCorps West Michigan series at 10:04 with Congressman Vern Ehlers and his daughter Marla Ehlers. Mr. Ehlers shares with Marla some of the important lessons he taught his children when they were growing up, ultimately teaching them that they could do anything.
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