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Sunday, January 25, 2015

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Congressman Vern Ehlers and Daughter Marla

Congressman Vern Ehlers and Daughter Marla
December 4, 2009 | WGVU  

The StoryCorps mobile recording booth was in Grand Rapids in late September and early October 2009. StoryCorps collects the stories of everyday people in sound. The concept is simple, you bring a friend or loved one into the booth and inverview them for 40 minutes. You walk away with a CD of the interview and with permission, a copy of the recording goes to the Library of Congress where it will become part of a permanent collection of the stories of our time.  

WGVU also recieved copies of many StoryCorps interviews from the Grand Rapids recording sessions to be edited into short segments for air. 
Today, Congressman Vern Ehlers and his daughter Marla Ehlers.  Mr. Ehlers shares with Marla some of the important lessons he taught his children when they were growing up, ultimately teaching them that they could do anything.  

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StoryCorps West Michigan, interviews recorded in our own community by StoryCorps, will have a new feature every Friday.

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