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Saturday, April 18, 2015

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Finding God Beyond Religion

Finding God Beyond Religion

July 14, 2013 | WGVU   Our guest is Tom Stella, here to discuss his latest book, Finding God Beyond Religion: A Guide for Skeptics, Agnostics & Unorthodox Believers Inside & Outside the Church.

Tom was ordained a Catholic priest in the Congregation of Holy Cross in 1972. Having resigned from that Order he now exercises his call to minister as a hospice chaplain, spiritual director, retreat facilitator, teacher, and writer. He is the co founder and director of Soul Link.

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Encore: The Faithful Scribe   Apr-19-15  
Our guest is Shahan Mufti, author of The Faithful Scribe: A Story of Islam, Pakistan, Family, and War, a book about the cultural and religious roots of modern Pakistan.

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Rev. Steve Naylor (Part 2)   Apr-12-15  
IDA board member Steve Naylor returns to Common Threads for part two of our conversation about his experience at an Interfaith Peace Conference in South Korea.
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Rev. Steve Naylor   Apr-05-15  
IDA board member Steve Naylor joins Common Threads to recount his experience at an Interfaith Peace Conference in South Korea.
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Scott Carney: Death on Diamond Mountain   Mar-29-15  
We continue with Scott Carney, joining us to talk about his latest book, Death on Diamond Mountain.
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Death on Diamond Mountain   Mar-22-15  
Our guest is Scott Carney. Scott joins us to talk about his latest book, 'Death on Diamond Mountain.'
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Dr. Alok Kumar (Part 2)   Mar-15-15  
We continue our conversation with Dr. Alok Kumar about his book, Sciences of the Ancient Hindus: Unlocking Nature in the Pursuit of Salvation.
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