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Friday, April 17, 2015

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NPR: To Create a More Informed Public

On air and online, NPR presents fact-based, independent journalism that examines and airs diverse perspectives. NPR Journalists explore the most controversial and complex topics with fairness, context, and editorial independence.

WGVU-FM 88.5 Grand Rapids and 95.3 Muskegon, provide the only local NPR stations with daily news, information, and interviews with West Michigan opinion leaders and officials.

Morning Edition and All Things Considered rank #3 and #4 in overall nationwide radio ratings. 27.2 million people listen to NPR each week, and NPR.org reaches 12.4 million people.

NPR Podcasts are among the most downloaded sources of podcasts in the world, delivering approximately 22.6 million podcast downloads every month. NPR has 2.5 million Twitter followers and more than 1.2 million Facebook fans.

The median age of NPR listeners is 50, NPR.org 46, and Podcasts 33 (U.S. average 45).

In 1967 President Johnson signed the Public Broadcasting Act, leading to the creation of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which Congress called upon to encourage "the growth and development of non-commercial radio", and to develop "programming that will be responsive to the interests of the people".

The goals of NPR are to:

     a. Make NPR the most relevant, trusted and consumed news source in the U.S.

     b. Unlock the potential of the national and local public media system.

     c. Reflect the best practices, whatever the activity or field.

In an era of media consolidation and corporate ownership, the stations that make up the NPR Network are among a declining number of locally owned and operated broadcasters.

Corporate Sponsors are interested in exposure to the well-educated, relatively affluent NPR audience, both on-air and online, which can be difficult to reach through other media. Corporate sponsors tend to stick with NPR as they find value in the "halo effect" of a positive association with the NPR brand.

NPR and member stations, such as WGVU, share a common mission. Major gifts from individuals and families typically relate to supporting transformational, strategic advancements in public media's capacity to meet major societal needs.

Published reports in Worth Magazine and Consumers Digest cited NPR as a leading U.S. non-profit charity because of the organization’s program spending efficiency, high level of private support, and outstanding public service.

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