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Monday, May 4, 2015

Public Media Catagories
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Each month, nearly 115 million people watch their local PBS stations. Nearly 2 million West-Michigan residents have access to WGVU programming. An estimated 700,000 view WGVU programming each month.

The PBS primetime average audience is significantly larger than HBO (50% larger), History Channel (33% larger), Discovery Channel (71% larger), CNN (200% larger), The Learning Channel (71% larger), and Bravo (140% larger).

PBS' commitment to use media for the public good has earned the trust and respect of the American people. For the seventh consecutive year, the American public has rated PBS the most trustworthy institution among nationally known organizations. PBS 45%, Courts 26%, Commercial Broadcast 17%, Newspaper Publishing 11%, Federal Government 11%, Cable Television Networks 9%, Congress 6%.

58% responded that it is very important to have PBS, compared to 43% commercial broadcast television, and 40% cable television.

When asked about trusting the information presented, PBS scores the highest: PBS 40%, Fox News Channel 29%, CNN 27%, NPR 25%, CBS 21%, ABC 21%, NBC 20%, MSNBC 18%.

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