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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Public Media Catagories

What is WGVU TV or Radio YOUR Source for?

Let us know by submitting your story below. Do you tune in to share your favorite children's program with your own child? Do you listen for interesting science tidbits that you can use to wow your friends? Tell us what makes Public Broadcasting for West and Southwest Michigan special to you. Share that memory or that moment of understanding that you'll never forget. Public Broadcasting belongs to all of us — it's time to tell your community why you keep coming back for your share.

Are you interested in recording a My Source WGVU TV or Radio spot? Let us know in your e-mail, or call us at 616-331-6630.

WGVU is engaged in our community.

We are honored to bring community events like LZ Michigan to our area. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor and partner with WGVU, please contact us at 616-331-6630. Thank you for supporting our local community!