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The Campaign for Love & Forgiveness combines public television programming, community activities and events and on-line discussions to encourage contemplation and conversation about how love and forgiveness can effect meaningful change in individuals and society.

About the Campaign

WGVU is one of six sites nationwide selected to be part of the Campaign for Love & Forgiveness, a four year, grant funded initiative of the Fetzer Institute

This community engagement project uses PBS documentaries, community events, and online resources to encourage reflection and conversation about how love and forgiveness can bring meaningful change to individuals and to society. Opportunities for the public to get involved are listed below. Local partners of WGVU this year include Bethany Christian Services, Grand Rapids Community College, Grand Rapids Public Library, Gryphon Place, and Kalamazoo Public Library. Launched in 2006, this four year campaign is now in its fourth and final year.

During the first 3 years of this project, groups who explored the benefits of forgiveness included refugees from Africa, women in transition, and college students. This year the project looks at forgiveness on a continuum. Can the same type of forgiveness beneficial to individuals help to solve political or cultural unrest? Can the forgiveness process that helps to reduce stress and improve relationships, also help to resolve conflicts such as in the Middle East or Northern Ireland?

A variety of activities for the public, including facilitated conversations, film screenings, and other events will try and answer these questions. WGVU is proud to partner with other local organizations that possess a variety of expertise and commitment as evidenced in their service to the people of Michigan and beyond. For more information about the Campaign, including ways to get involved, please contact Steve Chappell, project manager at (616) 331-6505, or chappels@gvsu.edu

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Upcoming Activities for the General Public

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