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Celebrate Pride Month this June and every day with PBS!  Explore a special collection of films, series and short stories that explore the LGBT experience in the United States and around the world. 

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Must Watch

Vicious is the story of partners Freddie (Ian McKellen) and Stuart (Derek Jacobi), who have lived together in a small central London flat for nearly 50 years. Constantly picking each other apart and holding on to petty slights for decades, Freddie and Stuart are always at each other’s throats, cracking snide remarks aimed at the other’s age, appearance and flaws. The series finale premieres June 19, 2016. Check your local listings for air times

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Growing Up Trans is an intimate look at the struggles and choices facing transgender kids and their families.  

Just a generation ago, it was adults, not kids, who changed genders. But today, many children are transitioning, too — with new medical options, and at younger and younger ages. In "Growing Up Trans," a 90-minute special airing June 30 on PBS, FRONTLINE takes viewers on an intimate and eye-opening journey inside the struggles and choices facing transgender kids and their families. Check your local listings.

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Out in the Night is a moving account of four women sensationalized by the media as a "Gang of Killer Lesbians." 

In New York City, a group of African-American lesbians were violently threatened by a man on the street. The women fought back and were later charged with gang assault and attempted murder. Out in the Night examines the sensational case and the women's uphill battle, revealing the role that race, gender identity and sexuality play in our criminal justice system. Now streaming thru June 19, 2016. Learn More about Out in the Night 

A Self-Made Man is a look at what it means to be transgender told through Tony Ferraiolo.

Gender identity issues often appear in early childhood. Some kids, feel they were born in the wrong body and this belief creates conflict in how they view and define themselves. Educator and activist Tony Ferraiolo knows this from experience. As an adult, he successfully transitioned from being female to male. Check your local listings.

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Before You Know It celebrates gay senior citizens who've witnessed unbelievable change.  

Dennis, Ty and Robert are pioneers in an "out" generation. They are also among the estimated 2.4 million LGBT Americans over the age of 55. "Before You Know It" celebrates the lives of active gay senior citizens who have witnessed unbelievable change in their lifetimes: from the Stonewall Riots to the HIV/AIDS pandemic and gay marriage rights. Check your local listings.

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Visit The WORLD Channel's Full Line-up for Pride Month

The New Black centers on the historic fight to win marriage equality in Maryland, and looks at how the African American community grapples with the divisive gay rights issue. The film documents activists, families, and clergy on both sides of the campaign to legalize gay marriage, and charts how attitudes evolve on the streets, in the pews, and at the kitchen table. Check your local listings.

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Stonewall Uprising documents a major turning point in the modern gay civil rights movement. In the early morning hours of June 28, 1969 police raided the Stonewall Inn, a popular gay bar in the Greenwich Village section of New York City. That night the street erupted into violent protests and street demonstrations that lasted for the next three days. The Stonewall riots marked a major turning point in the modern gay civil rights movement in the United States and around the world. Check your local listings.

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God Loves Uganda is a journey into the heart of East Africa, where Ugandan pastors and their American counterparts spread God's word and evangelical values to millions desperate for a better life. Check your local listings.

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First Person is a new show about gender identity, sexuality and queer community. Hosted by Kristin Russo of Everyone is Gay on PBS Digital Studios.

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Out & Proud in Chicago examines the history of Chicago's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT). Presented by WTTW. Watch above. 

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The Day It Snowed In Miami is an Emmy-winning LGBT rights documentary co-presented by the Miami Herald and WPBT-2Check your local listings.

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You're Dead to Me is the story of a mother and estranged teen who revisit unresolved differences with each other on a tragic anniversary date. The short film is part of the 2014 PBS Online Film Festival. Watch above. 

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Kumu Hina tells the inspiring story of Hina Wong-Kalu, a transgender hula teacher who brings to life Hawaii's traditional embrace of māhū - those who embody both male and female spirit. Over the course of a year, Hina inspires a young student to claim her place as leader of an all-male hula troupe, while Hina herself pursues a fulfilling romantic relationship with a headstrong Tongan man. Check your local listings.

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Limited Partnership is the story of one gay couple, a Filipino American and an Australian, who fell in love and over the course of 40 years took on the U.S. government to fight for marriage and immigration equality. Check your local listings.

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A Good Man is the touching story of Bryan Wilmoth and his efforts to reconnect with his younger siblings after being kicked out of the house for being gay. Watch above.

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Disaster Preparedness pulls a couple out of their comfort zone and drops them at the crossroads of commitment, disaster and the art of being prepared. A short film by UCLA student Melissa Finell. Made as part of KQED's Film School Shorts. Watch above.

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