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Thursday, July 24, 2014

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WGVU Public Media is offering our members an exclusive opportunity to travel around the world with our General Manager, Michael Walenta, and become a WGVU Explorer.

Each year the WGVU Explorers will enjoy two trips overseas which include meals, lodging and expertly led tours.

Come explore the world with WGVU Explorers!


Memorials of War: Normandy & Paris

You're invited to a special travel presentation at the WGVU Public Media Studios on Tuesday, April 15 at 6pm, to learn how you can become a WGVU Explorer, and join us for the Memorials of War: Normandy & Paris. Call Hilary at 616-331-6730 to reserve you place now.

Today Omaha Beach is a site for rest, relaxation and remembrance. But 70 years ago, on a chilly June morning, almost 7,000 boats hit the beaches and tens of thousands of soldiers began pouring onto the shores. It was Omaha that witnessed the most vicious fighting of World War II. While little physical evidence remains of the battle today, its impact on the lives of so many, and the history of our world, will forever be remembered. Join, Michael Walenta, WGVU General Manager as the WGVU Explorers travel to Normandy and Paris in November, to tour the Memorials of War, and arrive on Omaha Beach on Armistice Day.

View Brochure HERE
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