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The following prose, titled The Wall, was written in tribute to the many brave patriots who died in service to their flag and country while serving in Vietnam. G. Cargo MACV 1968,1969 How many comrades, dear to heart Reside in name and spirit on it's slate black granite panels? Their souls reach out to you And touch yours, accross the narrow pathway That seperates today from the past And in confused unison we ask the question, "Why?" So many years removed from the northern jungles madness A wife and family, home and job But for the grace of God and pure and simple fate I could be staring out to you from behind this death black slate Is it guilt I feel for being on this side? While you, my brothers, forever remain within We didn't understand it then To great degree, we understand it less today So young were we, in innocence Let by men whose power and pride, would not allow the compromise That would have lessened masons task In building this long testament My children ask me why I weep When confronted by these names I see Son I look into the past and pray for you the future holds No memories like these I keep I am deeply saddened that we must meet again like this In honor yet in silent sorrow, brothers We are at long, long last Together. Home.

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